In order to make safe and pleasant this event, everyone must follow some simple rules, both during individual tours and on Saturday’ parade.
In the hotel and in every place we are going to visit during INZANE ITALY,
everyone is responsible of his own behaviour.
Everyone is responsible of his driving.
Everyone is responsible of his vehicle, which must comply with European circulation rules.

Organisation isn’t responsible of participants’ behaviour!

Driving safety:
We have no privilege on road traffic, speed limit, traffic lights and rights of way, so all Italian traffic rules must be respected.
We are going to have a team in charge of facilitating motorbike traffic.
Team components are going to wear an orange reflective jacket, however they do not have special rights on traffic as well.
During the tour, you must maintain between yourself and the vehicle preceding you a distance appropriate to the speed. If the road allows it, you must proceed on two staggered rows.
Please avoid unnecessary overtaking,
your safety and others’ is fundamental, so please make your part.

VRCC Support
 The VRCC logo was created in America in 1999.
the use of the logo is free for all VRCC chapters.
But in Germany the logo was patented for commercial purposes and that is not tolerable.
VRCC Italia condemns anyone who appropriates the VRCC logo or its parts, and anyone who claims this behavior.
VRCC Italia supports VRCC Germany in the fight to get free use of the VRCC logo.
If you want to participate in INZANE ITALY, come in peace and leave your hostilities at home.
If you understand these simple rules, you're ready.
We can start with INZANE ITALY 2019
The organizers wish you a fantastic INZANE in Italy!

 The regulation must be approved on the registration page.